Currently residing in his home Budapest, Jimmy Sundance skillfully balances, explores and contributes to a dramatically wide range of musical professions, proving him to be one of the newcomer of today's EDM and house scene.

As a producer and DJ, Jimmy Sundance displays all the characteristics of a life-long music lover. Sensitive to the history, emotions, stories and situations that derive from this music, for him the scope and eclecticism available within the 4/4 rhythm allows him great freedom to express his tastes and musical instincts.

To immerse one's self within Jimmy Sundance's typically extended DJ sets rewards similar multi-faceted discoveries. Always telling a tale, weaving an exciting path across his chosen musical spectrum - whether its a tough, raw and energetic house-party set, a dramatic big-room EDM adventure, or anything in between - Jimmy Sundance's mature, confident approach and depth of character sets him apart from his contemporaries behind the decks.

His open minded love and knowledge of music, along with a professional background working as as manager for L.S.R., Lythium Sounds Recordings labels. Since the label's birth in 2010, Jimmy Sundance has played a defining role in its growing success. The productions of its residents, and selflessly working to push the platform forward, nurturing its growth.

Aliases :

Lythium Sounds
Mini Max

Ecstasy Cat , Lost Angel , Sun Soda , Oral Star , Yousei , Paris Porn Members , Motivated Muff , Tansy , Luna Star , Manipulator , Abroad Prince , Pig Chip , Cherry Pimps , Liquid Punk , Magic Pool , Ocean Breeze , Hooters&Shooters , Stoned Pump , Groove Pulse , Air Head , DJ Always On Top , Loopa Jem , Lythium Sounds Team